Secure Messaging browser support

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Learn about the web browsers that Mimecast supports for the Secure Messaging Portal.


Supported browsers

Internet Explorer

Version 9 and later

While Internet Explorer 8 should work, you may experience some issues and this version is not supported by Mimecast.

Internet Explorer 8 with the Chrome Frames add-on is not supported.

Google ChromeLatest version
FirefoxLatest version
SafariVersion 6 and later


Security Considerations


How is the connection from my browser secured?

The Secure Messaging Portal is accessed using HTTPS and uses a SSL certificate with a 2048 bit RSA key, issued by Verisign.


What protocols are supported?

The Secure Messaging Portal will accept connections using TLS v1.0, TLS v1.1, TLS v1.2.

SSL v3 connections are no longer accepted.


What Ciphers are supported?

The Secure Messaging Portal supports several industry standard strong cipher suites with a minimum key length of 128 bits. The table below represents a list of the main un-supported suites.


Cipher Suites
Anonymous Diffie-Hellman (ADH) suitesProvides no authentication
NULL cipher suitesProvides no encryption
EXPORT cipher suitesUses trivial encryption
WEAK cipher suitesTypically less than 128 bit