Stationery FAQs: The Edit HTML button is not available

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After working with a Stationery Layout, the Edit HTML button is replaced with a Purge Statistics button.




When a Stationery Layout has been used in conjunction with Actions and Survey Components, statistical data has already been collected. This data is linked to the layout, making the editing of it prohibited. If the measured component for which the statistics have been accumulated is removed, the statistics also have to be removed. If it is necessary to edit the Stationery Layout, regardless of the loss of statistical data, follow the steps below.




  1. Click on the Purge Statistics button
  2. Click the Confirm Data Removal button. This restores the Edit HTMLbutton.


It is also possible to preserve the statistical data and edit the Stationery Layout. This requires a copy of the Stationery Layout to be created. This leaves the original layout intact, so that the copy can be edited.


To create a copy of the original stationery layout:


  1. Right click on the Layout in the list view
  2. Select the Copy Stationery menu option. The new copy of the Stationery Layout is displayed in the list view, and can be immediately edited.

The Policy must be modified to apply the new copy of the Stationery Layout.