Stationery FAQs: Layout displays an error when saved

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A layout has a number of mandatory elements that must be completed before it can be saved and closed. These are:


  • Short Code
  • All the required components (e.g. image, Text)
  • Plain text version


If these have not been configured completely, a dialogue box is presented when the Save and Exit button is clicked.




  • If the error displays "Short Code is a required field", the Short Code is missing. This is a mandatory field and an unique string has to be entered.
  • If the error displays "Please complete HTML Stationery component capture", one of the HTML components has not been fully configured. Correct the configuration.
  • If the error displays "Please compose plain text stationery (view changed to Plain Text)", the Plain Text element has not been completed. Click OK to the view the Plain Text view. Then click the Edit Plain Text button and add the text for this signature.




  1. Review the layout's components and adjust them as suggested above. See the article on HTML Components for further details.
  2. Save the Layout.