Stationery FAQs: The policy is correct but is not applied

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The Stationery Assignment policy has been checked, but the incorrect Stationery Layout is still applied to emails.

On iOS devices, the mail application sends the message in plain text by default. This means that if a HTML layout has been configured, it is not used. Users must configure a plain text layout to ensure the Stationery policy is applied on iOS devices.



There are two other policies that will override the Stationery Assignment policy. The following should be reviewed to ensure there are no conflicts:

  • Stationery Exclusion policy
  • Content Examination policy




  1. The Stationery Exclusion policy is designed to bypass the application of a Stationery Layout. View the Configuring Stationery Exclusion policies page for more information. 
  2. Content Examination policies are part of Mimecast’s Data Leak Prevention module. Content policies scan for specific text and phrases in an email, and can be set to override the Stationery Assignment should a match be found. View the Configuring Content Examination definitions and policies page for more information.


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