Adjusting CCM Notification Set branding

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If Closed Circuit Messaging (CCM) is employed by your users, you can apply your custom branding to the CCM portal that external recipients access.

CCM Portal branding may only be available for your account through prior arrangement. Contact your Mimecast representative for further information.

  1. If necessary, create a Branding Definition for the CCM portal if you need a use a different one used than the one used for your internal users. Alternatively, use an existing definition.
  2. Navigate to Policies | Notification Sets | Definitions.
  3. Create a new Notification Set Definition, or right-click the Notification Set definition, and select the Editoption.
  4. Click the Manage Branding button.
  5. Use the Lookup button to select the Branding Definition created earlier:
  6. Use the Select button to choose the appropriate definition:
  7. Click the Save and Exit button.
  8. Click the Save and Exit button to retain the Notification Set Definition.  A notification window is displayed to notify you of the branding changes.  If you agree, the custom URL is included in the CCM notification.  If you disagree, the changes will only apply to internal users of Mimecast Personal Portal.