Apply Secure Messaging Based on the Recipient of a Message

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When using Secure Messaging you will likely want to enforce the feature for messages sent to specific recipients, for example a domain or a named group of recipients. This article outlines how to apply Secure Messaging to messages based on the recipient of the message.


What You'll Need


  • A Mimecast admin account with permissions to the Administration | Gateway | Policies menu.
  • At least one Secure Messaging definition. If you have not already set up a definition, view the Configuring a Secure Messaging Definition article.




  1. Log on to the Administration Console and navigate to the Administration | Gateway | Policies menu.
  2. Click on Secure Messaging from the list of policy types on the page to view of list of any policies already created.
  3. Click the New Policy button from the menu bar.
  4. Enter a description of the policy in the Policy Narrative text box.
  5. Use the Lookup button to select the Secure Messaging definition that should apply when the policy is triggered.
  6. Select which senders and recipients the policy should apply to in the Emails From and Emails To sections.

    Secure Messaging only applies to messages from internal to external recipients. Be sure to consider this when selecting senders and recipients in this section.

  7. In the Validity section optionally set:
    • The date range that the policy should be active. Use the Always On button to activate the policy continuously.
    • Policy Override to force the policy to apply in the situation where there are conflicting policies.
    • Source IP Ranges to specify if the policy should only apply when Mimecast receives a connection from the defined IP's.
  8. Do not set the Bi Directional setting, as a Secure Messaging policy is for internal to external messages only.
  9. Click Save and Exit to apply the policy.


Next Steps


Once the policy is saved any message that matches the sender and recipients specified will be delivered via Secure Messaging.