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Secure Messaging WorkflowSecure Messaging provides a user friendly, secure channel for sending and receiving sensitive information via email. It uses the power of the Mimecast Gateway to delivery emails in a secure way. The messages are sent via the Mimecast Gateway and accessed by the user using the Mimecast Secure Messaging Portal. This means the messages are not passed through the recipients email server, and so can only be seen by the recipient.




Secure Messaging provides the following benefits:

  • Administrators can enforce secure communications through a defined policy.
  • End users can secure communications, without having to consider server side technology.
  • End users can apply tracking options to see when recipients have accessed their message.
  • End users can apply expiry dates on messages sent, to ensure recipients can only view content for a defined period of time.
  • End users can apply controls on messages sent, to restrict the actions a recipient can take on a message.


Using Secure Messaging

The Secure Messaging process is:

  1. Messages are either triggered by:
    • A policy based on the message content (e.g Content Examination Policy).
    • The sender using Secure Messaging when sending the message.
  2. The messages are passed to the Mimecast Gateway.
  3. A Secure Messaging notification is sent to the recipient.
    Secure Messaging User Notification
  4. The notification indicates there is a message, and contains a link to the Secure Messaging Portal. 
    Secure Messaging Portal Login Dialog
  5. The Secure Messaging Portal requires the user's email address and secure messaging password to be provided before any messages can be accessed. Enter your email address, and click on the Next button.
    • If this is the first time you have received a Secure Message, you'll receive a temporary password in a separate email notification. When you log in, you'll be prompted to set a new password.
    • If you've log in details for the Closed Circuit Messaging (CCM) Portal, these same details work for the Secure Messaging Portal.


The Secure Messaging Portal


The Secure Messaging Portal is the primary application that recipients of a Secure Message use to interact with your company via email. It is also a place where internal users of a Mimecast customer can interact with Secure Messages.


Secure Messaging Portal


Whilst in the Portal, users can perform the following tasks:

  • View all Secure Messages received and sent.
  • Reply to messages (this is not available on all accounts).
  • Compose a new Secure Message (this is not available on all accounts).
  • Mark messages as read / unread.
  • Delete messages from their Inbox.
  • Search their Secure Messaging mailbox.
  • Reply to Secure Messages.
  • Print messages.
  • Set personal preferences, including format of date, time, first day of the week.
  • Create an email signature to be appended to Secure Messages sent from the Portal.


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