Stationery Templates

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Mimecast provides Administrators with pre-defined Stationery Layout Templates, that can be modified and utilized as required. These pre-defined Templates are called System Templates, and are accessible through the Layouts editor.


It is also possible for Administrators to create customized HTML for Mimecast Stationery in a separate HTML application, and then to upload this customized HTML Template into Mimecast. This template type is termed an Account Template, and is saved in the Layout Templates area.


A Layout Template provides a predefined appearance for your a Stationery Layout, and several standard templates are available for use. The Template can be customized by the Administrator, and in this way, the customized Template can be applied to many new Stationery Layout, much like a Fax template in a word processing application.


Uploading a Layout Template


If you have created your own layout template using an external HTML editor, you must upload it into Mimecast before it can be used. When creating the layout, remember to include the Mimecast HTML tags. Additionally, a thumbnail GIF image can also be designed to be included with the upload. The thumbnail helps to identify the layout components of this particular template. However, the image is optional. If one is not provided, Mimecast will apply a default image to this layout.


To upload a layout template:

  1. Log in to the Administration Console.
  2. Click on the Administration toolbar button. A menu drop down is displayed.
  3. Click on the Stationery | Templates menu item.
  4. Select a Folder into which the image will be placed.

    You cannot place an image in the Root folder.Select the New Image button. The Image Upload dialog is displayed.

  5. Click the New Template button.
  6. Complete the dialog as follows:

    Field / OptionDescription
    DescriptionEnter a description for this Layout Template. It is helpful to use a description that confirms the components of the template. For example, a basic disclaimer and company logo.
    Survey CapableIs selected, this increases the reporting options for the Template.
    Upload TemplateClick the "Choose File" button to select the pre-prepared HTML (or HTM) template file. If an existing HTML file is not available, the HTML for Template can be edited by clicking on the "Edit Template Source" button. This displays the Layout Source Editor, where the HTML for the template can be amended. The "Template Information" field is automatically populated once a template files has been selected.
    Upload Preview ImageClick the "Choose File" button to select a GIF image. If one is not selected, Mimecast will apply a default image. The preview image should have 90px x 90px dimensions. The "Preview Image Information" field is automatically populated once a template files has been selected.
  7. To preview the HTML and Image uploads, click on the Preview Changes button in the toolbar.
  8. Click the Save and Exit button to save the template.


Applying a Custom HTML Template


To apply the custom template:

  1. Create a new Stationery Layout.
  2. Click the Select Layout icon.
  3. Expand the Account Layouts folder.
  4. Select the folder where your Template is stored.
  5. Click on the thumbnail to apply the template to the Stationery Layout.