Disabling Stationery for Meeting Requests

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When applying Stationery Layouts to all outbound mail flow, some customers may experience problems with meeting request emails. Mimecast will append the meeting request data as an attachment to the email, and then apply the email branding and/or disclaimers according to the Stationery Assignment Policy.


A Content Definition can be employed to prevent the application of Stationery to Meeting Requests or Calendar emails. This will ensure that the Meeting Request remains intact, as opposed to being appended to the email as a separate attachment.


To implement this feature, complete the steps below:


  1. Create an Independent Content Definition with an Activation Score of 1.
  2. In the Word/Phrase Match List field, enter the following text:
    1 "Content-Type: text/calendar;"
  3. Set the definition to Scan Message Headers only.
  4. Within the Policy Override Options, check the box to Disable Stationery.
  5. Save the Content Definition.
  6. Create a Content Examination Policy to apply the definition to the required mail flow.