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The rejection viewer displays messages sent to your email address that Mimecast has rejected. This generally applies to inbound emails. Rejected messages are those that are rejected in protocol, meaning the message's content hasn't been accepted. When this occurs, a non-delivery report is generated by the sending mail server and returned to the original sender of the message.


The rejection viewer can be used to display information about why we rejected it. If the message was legitimate, you can use this information to address the cause of the rejection and allow the message through on the next send attempt.

With rejected messages, the email data hasn't been accepted by us, and therefore the message cannot be retrieved. It must be resent by the original sender.

To access your rejected messages:

  1. Click on the Advanced Icon icon in the left hand navigation menu.
  2. Click on the Rejected Messages menu item. A list of rejected messages is displayed.
    Information on rejected messages is retained for seven days, but by default only the current day's rejections are displayed.
  3. If required, you can filter the list of messages by typing into the Filter toolbar field.
  4. Click on a message to view its properties.


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