Mimecast Personal Portal: Bounced Messages

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Bounced messages are inbound or outbound messages that Mimecast has accepted, but cannot deliver to the recipient's mail server. When this occurs:

  • A notification is sent to the message's sender.
  • You can display the message in the bounce viewer.


The bounce viewer provides information about messages that Mimecast was unable to deliver. This can be useful to determine why it did not reach the intended recipient. The actual content of the bounced messages will not be shown.


To access the bounce viewer:

  1. Click on the Advanced Icon icon in the left hand navigation menu.
  2. Click on the Bounced Messages menu item. A list of bounced messages in the last month is displayed.
  3. If required, you can filter the list of messages by typing into the Filter toolbar field.
  4. Click on a message to view its properties.
Bounced messages (both outbound and inbound) are still available in the Mimecast archive. This is due to the message originally being accepted by Mimecast before the delivery attempts took place. The bounce information however, is only available for one month in the bounce viewer.