Creating Stationery Branding for Internal Emails

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This article provides information on how to create a user Signature or Disclaimer for internal emails, using Microsoft Exchange 2010.


Mimecast Stationery can be used to apply Signatures and Disclaimers to outbound emails. However as a cloud service, it is unable to affect internal emails. Using a combination of Mimecast Stationery and Microsoft Exchange 2010 functionality, Administrators can ensure that Signatures and Disclaimers are applied to all internal and outbound emails.


  1. Log on to the Exchange Management Console
  2. Navigate to Organization Configuration | Hub Transport
  3. Click on the Transport Rules tab
  4. Click the New Transport Rule button
  5. Complete the Name for the rule, and if necessary, a Comment.
  6. Ensure that the Enable Rule checkbox is checked
  7. Click the Next button
  8. Under Conditions, select:
    1. From users that are inside or outside the organization AND
    2. Sent to users that are inside our outside the organization, or partners
  9. Configure the rule values to apply from users inside the organization to users inside the organization.
  10. Click the Next button
  11. Under Actions, select append disclaimer text and fallback to action if unable to apply
  12. Configure the rule values to append, then click disclaimer text to create your disclaimer message:
    Signature attributes can be included within the disclaimer text to dynamically assign signatures to user emails. For example, entering the text %%DisplayName%% would insert the user's Active Directory Display Name attributes.  HTML formatting can be used to space, align and format the attributes as required.
  13. Click the OK button.
  14. Set the Fallback Value to "wrap".
  15. Click the Next button.
  16. In Exceptions, select except when the Subject field contains specific words.
  17. Click the specific words value, and specify the following text values:
    1. RE:
    2. FW:
      This option should be applied to avoid re-applying signatures and disclaimers to emails that have been replied to and forwarded.
  18. Click the Next button.
  19. Click the New button to complete the Transport Rule.