Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry OS 4-7 (legacy)

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Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry is an application for BlackBerry devices that enables users to access their email Archive, send and receive emails (even during a mail server outage), and to manage spam.  The app also ensures a seamless Continuity experience - if the organization's infrastructure were to be unavailable, users are still able to send and receive emails from the device.


The app is installed on the BlackBerry device using a push from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), or on the individual device using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.


Users of the app will be able to access their full Mimecast Archive directly from their mobile device, even if the emails are no longer stored on the email server.  The app also provides a full compose option, so that emails can still be sent and received during a server outage.  Users can control spam through the available viewers.


Key features

  • Archive Search
    • Includes options for Quick Search, Basic Search and Advanced Search
    • Searches for files and documents, as well as email data
    • Save emails and attachments to the local device
  • Continuity
    • Access to Online Inbox and Online Sent Items
    • Compose, reply and forward emails - even during infrastructure unavailability
    • Administrators manage continuity events from the Mimecast Administration Console.  The start or end of a continuity event automatically sends a notification to your BlackBerry users
    • Users can disable the BlackBerry client application if necessary
  • Security
    • Manage personal and moderated Hold queues
    • User either Cloud or Domain authentication methods
    • Administrators configure access to Mimecast BlackBerry services from the Mimecast Administration Console and the BES
    • Users can manage personal or moderated Held emails
    • BlackBerry users can enable event logging, and send logs to Mimecast Support in order to troubleshoot issues.


How does Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry Continuity work?

Archive searches and other viewers are directly accessing the emails on the Mimecast service. All communication is performed securely using HTTPS, and it is mandatory to have internet connectivity to use the app. Due to the communication between the devices and the Mimecast service, if a DR event (infrastructure outage) is detected, inbound and outbound emails are then routed through the Mimecast platform directly to the BlackBerry device, bypassing the organization's email infrastructure.


  • Microsoft Exchange
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES)
  • BlackBerry Network Operations Center (NOC)
    • i.e. BlackBerry NOC or supporting infrastructure (like cellular interface to the BlackBerry NOC) is unavailable
  • Internet Connection outage
    • i.e. the organization's internet connectivity may be compromised, but if the BlackBerry device is able to connect to the internet with a pre-configured APN, Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry will continue to provide Continuity and Archive search features.


Administrators are required to deploy the BlackBerry application to a selective list of BlackBerry smartphones.  Once installed and configured, Mimecast administrators will need to configure Continuity Events to trigger either planned or unplanned DR events, to all relevant BlackBerry devices.


During this time, all emails will be sent directly via the Mimecast service enabling end users to continue to send and receive business critical emails.

Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry is available only to customers that have deployed a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES).  All versions of BES that include push functionality are supported.

Normal Operation
DR Event Operation