Prerequisites - Mimecast Mobile for Windows Phone

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Supported Devices

Mimecast Mobile for Windows Phone is supported for the devices and operating systems as shown in the table below. Before you can download any apps for your device, you will need an active ID for the relevant store.  This ID is also needed before you can download updates for the app (or any app you install) through the store.  Please see the online help for your store for further assistance.

  • Windows Phone 7.5 and above


Device Time

It is important to ensure that the Device time matches the official regional time.  If there is a discrepancy of more than 5 minutes between these times, it may affect the functionality provided by the application. Mimecast recommends that the device settings be configured to automatically adjust to the regional timezone.


Administrator Settings

The application requires authentication and settings in order to be activated. Mimecast Mobile supports both Cloud and Domain authentication options.  Mimecast recommends that the Cloud password be configured, so that in the event of a network Directory outage, the application will continue to function as expected.


Application Settings definitions determine which users can use the app.  By default, all user applications are enabled for all internal domain users.



Once the app has been downloaded from the app store, and it is then installed and configured, a Passcode must be created by the user.