On Hold Personal and On Hold Moderator - Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry

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Mimecast can be configured to place emails on Hold to prevent potential spam or unwanted attachments from reaching the intended recipient.  Depending on the configuration of these Policies, a user may be able to control these Held emails using Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry, Mimecast Personal Portal, or Mimecast for Outlook.


The Personal Hold manages the user's own held emails, whilst the Moderator Hold manages other user's held emails.  Administrators are also able to manage user's held emails in Mimecast.


Emails are held when they are identified as potential spam messages, or if the Administrator has configured Attachment or Content Examination Policies.  Users can then check the held emails, and decide if they should be Released and delivered to their email Inbox, or if they should be Rejected instead.


Additionally, a user may be given access to another user's held emails.  This is useful to help other users to manage their held emails.


How do I manage held emails?

From the BlackBerry email Inbox, select the BlackBerry menu, then select either On Hold Personal or On Hold Moderator, as required.


Once a message is selected from the list and the contents are displayed, the BlackBerry menu can be used to access action options to Release or Reject the message.


Menu Option
ReleaseRemoves the email from the Held Queue, and queues it for delivery to the recipient's Inbox
RejectThe email is removed from the Held Queue, and a notification is sent to the sender to inform them of the rejection.  A reason for the rejection can be selected.
Reject without ReasonThe email is removed from the Held Queue, and no notification is sent to the sender.


Once the message has been released or rejected, a confirmation message is displayed to confirm that the required action has been completed.