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The Mimecast app provides you with Continuity in the event of an infrastructure outage, or if your service provider data services become unavailable.  This is achieved through a direct connection between your device and Mimecast, using Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry, as illustrated below.  You will be able to continue to send/receive emails and perform archive searches during this time.

Your device must be connected to the internet in order for Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry to communicate with Mimecast, which can be achieved through your cellular network carrier data services or a WiFi network.


How does DR Mode work?

Normal Operation
DR Event Operation


DR Mode takes place in three distinct stages, which are detailed below:

  1. An outage occurs, and your Administrator initiates a Continuity Event
  2. Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry enters Continuity Mode
  3. The outage is resolved, and Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry returns to normal operation


An Outage Occurs

Once your Administrator determines that there is an infrastructure outage or service unavailability, they will initiate a Continuity Event.  This process will cause your Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry app to switch into Continuity Mode.  Notification emails will be delivered to you as described below to inform you of this event.


Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry Enters Continuity Mode

The Mimecast app is configured to check the DR Status with Mimecast on a regular basis.

Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry can be disabled in the Advanced Settings, or automatically if the battery level is too low.  If the app has been disabled, it cannot check the DR status with Mimecast, and will therefore not enter DR Mode.

When a Continuity Event is triggered, the app is switched into DR Mode, and an email notification is delivered to your Inbox.


Composing messages

A new set of menu options becomes available when DR Mode is switched on.


It is important to utilize the DR Compose, DR Reply, DR Reply To All, or DR Forward options during the DR event in order to ensure that your emails are sent through Mimecast:


Receiving and reading DR messages

DR email messages can be opened using the same options that you use for regular email messages.  All DR email content appears as plain text.  HTML formatting is converted to plain text, and inline images do not appear in the DR email content.


Emails received during DR mode will be delivered as normal to your BlackBerry Email Inbox.  A message received during DR mode has the following differences from a regular email:

  • The subject line has a prefix of [DR Email]
  • The From value is always the full email address of the sender, rather than their display name
  • The Received Using value is always Unknown
  • There is no attachment icon for email messages with attachments, instead the first line of the email body shows the text: [This email has N Attachment(s)]
  • The BlackBerry device downloads the entire email message, without the attachments.  It does not optimize or segment the download of email message content
  • The email message appears as plain text.  It does not include HTML formatting or inline images.



Any emails saved as Drafts on your BlackBerry device prior to the DR Event can be sent in DR Mode.


This can be done in one of two ways:

  • Edit an existing draft message, click the Option menu and select Switch to DR Compose
  • Highlight an existing message in the Drafts folder while in list view, click the Option menu and select Switch to DR Compose
    If an email is created with an attachment using the DR Compose feature, and then saved as a draft, the DR Compose must be used to gain access to the attachments.

If using a BlackBerry device running OS versions 6.x or 7.x, note the following limitations:

  • Any emails saved as Drafts on your BlackBerry device when the Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry app is disabled (manually or due to critical battery levels) will not be sent when the app is re-enabled. These emails will need to be composed once again and sent with the app enabled.
  • If your BlackBerry device still has connectivity to the BES during a Continuity event, duplicate emails will be sent. Mimecast recommends that email redirection be disabled via a BES policy when running a Continuity event with the BES server available. For any queries, please confirm with your Mimecast Administrator.



When you receive a message with attachments during a DR event, the attachments will be listed in the body of the email.  The typical attachment icon will not be visible.  As with normal email operation, your BlackBerry device will not automatically download attachments.  You can however manually download individual attachments.

Attachments will be downloaded to one of the following folders, depending on whether your device contains a memory card:

  • With memory card: /Media Card/MSB/attachment
  • Without memory card: /Device Memory/home/user/MSB/attachment

    If you try to download an attachment, and your BlackBerry device does not have a viewer for that file type or if it does not have enough memory to download the attachment, you will receive an error message.

To view the attachment:

  1. Open the email
  2. Select Open Attachment from the menu
  3. Select the attachment and click the BlackBerry button (or the trackpad/trackball) to view the Download Attachment menu
  4. Select the attachment to begin the download; the icon will change to the fetching attachment icon
  • If the required viewer (such as Docs2Go) is not installed, the following error message will be displayed:
    ‘The attachment type cannot be opened on this device’
  • The BlackBerry client application will check prior to downloading that there is enough space on the device for the attachment.
  • If there is not enough space, the following error message will be displayed:

‘Error: Cannot download the selected attachment. There is not enough space’

  1. Once the attachment has downloaded, the icon will change
  2. Clicking on the attachment after successful download will launch the attachment in the default viewer.

    BlackBerry Operating System 4.5 and above have the application Docs2Go pre-installed as standard.  Docs2Go provides free viewing of both Word and PowerPoint files.  You should be able to download and view these documents by default using your BlackBerry device.  For all other attachment types, please ensure that your BlackBerry devices are equipped with appropriate viewers.

On BlackBerry devices running OS versions 4.6.x and 4.6.1.x, it may take two attempts to open an attachment from a DR mail, once successfully downloaded.


Normal operation resumes

Once the DR Event is over, the Administrator will terminate the Continuity Event.  Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry will receive this notification, and delivers an email to your Inbox.


Emails will now once again be sent and received via the internal network or BES server.

When your regular email system becomes available, all email messages that were sent to you during the DR event will be delivered once again by your mail server.  You may want to remove the old DR emails to avoid duplicates.  This action simply removes the emails sent and received during the DR event, and can be completed by selecting Delete DR Emails from the main menu option.


Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry removes DR email messages from your Inbox and BlackBerry folders.  It does not remove DR emails from Saved messages, from your Sent Items mailbox or from your Mimecast archive.

Once all DR emails are successfully deleted, the Delete DR Emails menu option is no longer displayed in the menu.