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Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry provides email compose options even when the standard email services fail.


Composing emails in normal mode

During normal operation, you can create a new email by using the Compose option from the BlackBerry menu. Options to Reply, Reply To All, and Forward are also available in the same menu.  These latter options are also available for emails downloaded from an Archive Search.


Messages that are opened from Mimecast viewers, e.g. Online Inbox/Sent Items, On Hold Personal/Moderator, and Archive Search Results, are displayed in HTML.  When these messages are replied to or forwarded, they are composed in plain text.


When one of these options is used, the Email Compose window opens, and as text is entered in the To or Cc fields, the BlackBerry address book is automatically searched for the closest match to the text.


Either select an existing address from the list, or continue to type the rest of the email address as required. 


Composing Emails in Disaster Recovery (DR) Mode

When an infrastructure or service provider outage takes place, the standard Composeoption should not be used to deliver emails. In this Disaster scenario, your Administrator will initiate a Continuity Event for your BlackBerry.  A new set of menu options is displayed within the menu.