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Once Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry has been installed on your device, you need to enter your email address and password information in order to access your email archive.  This account information is needed to validate your credentials with Mimecast in order to access your Mimecast Archive.  An email is delivered to your Inbox to confirm that your details are missing.

If account information is not entered, a reminder email is delivered to your Inbox every 6 hours.

The Mimecast app will allow you send and receive emails, as well as search your Archive and manage Held emails.  In order to provide you with access to this information, your email address and password is required.

You will need to enter your details when re-installing or upgrading the app.


How do I enter my account details?

To enter your email account details:

  1. Go to the Options menu.  For OS 6.0 and OS 7.0 devices, go to Options | Third Party Applications
  2. Select Mimecast Services for BlackBerry
  3. The Email Address is pre-populated, and can be amended as required
  4. Scroll to Password and enter your password
    Note: Your Administrator will let you know which password to use. Typically, you should use your ordinary network password (Domain password), although your Administrator may issue a Mimecast Cloud password to you.
  5. Select the Domain or Cloud authentication as required.

    Depending on the security configuration on your BlackBerry device, you may receive an application pop-up permission access request to allow HTTP and HTTPS traffic to the Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry host.  You will need to accept this request to allow communication to your Mimecast service.

  6. Use the Test Connection button to confirm your details. If the test is successful, you will receive a success notification.

    If the Test is unsuccessful, view the troubleshooting section detailed later in this article.

  7. Use the BlackBerry menu save your changes.  You will also see a confirmation of the BlackBerry Services Enabled by the Administrator.
  8. The BlackBerry device is now configured to communicate with Mimecast.


Advanced Account Configuration

To adjust the advanced settings of the Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry app, navigate to the Settings screen as described above.

These setting should not be adjusted without consultation from your Administrator.


Select the BlackBerry menu, and Advanced Options.


Battery Life

If the battery life of the BlackBerry drops below  the configured threshold, Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry will automatically be disabled and you will receive a notification.


Once the battery life returns to above  the configured threshold, or the device is plugged in to charge, Archive and Continuity will automatically be re-enabled, and a notification will be sent out to inform you that the services are once again available.


Note for devices running OS v6 and v7: Any emails saved as Drafts on your BlackBerry device when the Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry client is disabled (manually or due to critical battery levels), will not be sent when the client is re-enabled. These emails will need to be composed once again and sent with the client enabled.


Using the app

Once the app has been installed and your account configured, you can use the app to:

  • Search your Mimecast Archive
  • Access your Online Inbox and Online Sent Items
  • Manage Held emails
  • In a Disaster Recovery (DR) scenario, where there is a server outage, you can continue to send and receive emails