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Once configured by your Mimecast administrator, the BlackBerry app will allow you to search your personal archive from your BlackBerry device.  Depending on your search requirements, different options are available as detailed below.


Running a Search

To access the Archive Search options, navigate to your email application, and open the BlackBerry menu.


Basic Search

When selected, the Archive Search option opens a basic search screen.  This provides a simple and quick search of the archive where only basic information is required to conduct the search.


The search screen allows you to enter text search, with one of the following date ranges: Last 3 Months, Last 6 Months, Last Year, and All Time.

The date range will default to Last 3 Months. Use the drop down menu to amend this if required.


To execute the search, select the Search option from the BlackBerry menu.


Advanced Search

If more detailed search criteria are required, use the BlackBerry menu to select the Advanced Search option within the Archive Search page.  Complete the fields as required.


Archive Search Results

Once the search is executed, the search results are displayed on the device as shown below.  The results only display the header information for the email, i.e.  the date and time, sender, and subject. Initially no email data is copied to the device until you specifically request it by selecting an email from the list.

Select the Next 25 Messages option at the bottom of the list to navigate to the next 25 results.

Select one of the emails to download and view the message with associated attachments, or use the BlackBerry menu to Preview an email. 

If a selected email has an attachment, then you can download the attachment to the device so that it can be viewed using one of the installed applications.

To view the selected attachment:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the email.
  2. Highlight the attachment to enable access to BlackBerry menu options.
    As an alternative to scrolling to the bottom of the email, you can also click the Attachment text within the email header.  This will automatically take you to the bottom of the message.


Saving Emails and Attachments

Once a message has been opened or previewed, use the BlackBerry menu to view additional options.


Once you have selected to Preview an email, additional options are available to Reply to, Reply all, Forward.