Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry User Guide

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This page refers to the legacy version of Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry. If you are looking for information on new version of Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry with the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK embedded, refer to the Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry: Getting Started Guide page.

Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry is an application for BlackBerry devices that enables you to:

  • Access your email and file Archive, even if emails have been deleted off the server.
  • Send and receive emails, even during a server outage.
  • Manage spam and mailbox rules.
  • Copy email from your personal archive to your Inbox.
  • View, reply and forward emails directly from your Mimecast archive.
  • Access your Personal or Moderator Hold queue.
  • Access your Online Inbox and Sent Items.


You will be able to access your full Mimecast Archive directly from your mobile device, even if the emails are no longer stored on the email server.  The app also provides a full compose option, so that you can still be send and receive email during a server outage, or BlackBerry service unavailability. 

Emails in your personal or moderated Hold queue can also be managed from the available viewers.


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