The Gateway Policy Editor

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This page describes how the Gateway Policy Editor allows administrators to view and manage policies, and access their definitions.


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  • Administrators with access to the Administration | Gateway | Policies menu item.


Accessing the Gateway Policy Editor


To access the Gateway Policy Editor:

  1. Log on to the Administration Console.
  2. Click on the Administration toolbar button. A menu drop down is displayed.
  3. Click on the Gateway | Policies menu item. Your available policy types are listed, with any that have policies configured displayed in bold. The list displays the following information:

    Policy NameDisplays the policy name.
    DescriptionDisplays a description of the policy's purpose.
    PoliciesDisplays the number of configured policies.
    DefinitionsDisplays the number of configured definitions. If no definitions are required for a policy (e.g. an Anti-Spoofing policy) the column displays "N/A".  You can display any configured definitions, or create a new one, by clicking on the Definitions button.
    DefinitionsIndicates whether a Definition is required for the policy type. If "N/A" is displayed, no definition is required. If a number is displayed, that number of definitions have been configured.
    Tell Me MoreClick on this button to access the Knowledge Base page for the relevant policy.


Listing Configured Policies


To either display a list of configured policies for a policy type, or to create a new policy:

  1. Click on a Policy Type. The list of policies is displayed. 

The icons displayed under the Policy and Narrative columns indicate the status of configured policies as follows:

  1. The policy is unidirectional and applies one way, either to inbound or outbound mail.
  2. The policy is bidirectional and applies to both inbound, and outbound mail.
  3. The policy is disabled and inactive.
  4. The policy is enabled and active.

Policy Listing


Accessing a Policy Type's Definitions


Two buttons are displayed at the top of the Gateway Policy Editor:


  • The Definitions button displays a list of definitions. Click on one to navigate directly to that definition's listing. The resulting page is the same as navigating to the specific policy type and clicking on the Definitions button.
  • The Consolidated Policy Viewer button displays a list of all configured definitions for each policy type.


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