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The Hold Queue Summary groups all the emails in the Held queue based on their Hold Reason. This could either be because of a specific reason for holding the email (e.g. Suspicious Message Structure), or based on the actual Content Examination or Spam Scanning definition that was created to hold certain emails. An example could be if you had two spam scanning definitions, one set to aggressive and the other set to moderate; these will be grouped separately in the Hold Review Queue Summary.


The Hold Queue Summary allows Administrators to easily determine if a specific policy is holding emails, and then also allows a review of those emails that have been held by this particular policy.  Clicking on the hold reason will display a list of the emails matching this particular check or policy.


Using the Hold Queue Summary


To access the Hold Queue Summary: 

  1. Log in to the Administration Console.
  2. Click on the Administration toolbar button. A menu drop down is displayed.
  3. Click on the Monitoring | Held Summary menu item. Messages are summarized in groups based on the Policy that has triggered the Hold status
  4. Clicking on the hold reason will display all the emails held for that particular group in the Hold Queue
  5. From the Held Summary, clicking through to the detailed view presents the Administrator with 3 months of emails held - an extended date range compared to the initial 1 week view from the Held Queue. Use the calendar control to adjust this time period


The type of information provided is similar to what's in the Hold Review Queue:


OperatorEmail Address of OperatorThe email address of the person who performed the activity
TimeDate and TimeDate and time of the activity
FromEmail address of senderDetails of the sender
ToEmail address of recipientDetails of the recipient
SubjectSubject of the emailSubject of the email
Email Direction

Arrow indicator

Shows the direction of the email (inbound or outbound)
SizeNumeric value in KilobytesSize of the email message
StatusRejected or Deleted (Red Indicator)The email was either rejected or deleted from the Hold queue
Released (Green Indicator)The email was released from the Hold Queue
InformationProvides information about whether the email was released, rejected or deleted, and whether the digest was used as the source for this actionDetails regarding whether the email was released or rejected and how this action was performed

Administrators are able to Export raw text data from the Hold log using the Export button. This data can either be downloaded or sent via email in the form of a .CSV or .XLS from your Mimecast account, and then be analyzed or used to troubleshoot. For more information about exporting data, see the full article.

The View menu can be used to apply filters to the list for All, Released and Rejected items.