The System Queue

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The System Queue displays all system notification messages that are currently being processed by Mimecast. These notifications include delivery status notifications and challenge-response messages. Typically notifications are only temporarily queued in the System Queue and once delivered, will be removed from the queue. Those that cannot be delivered will remain on retry in the System Queue.

System notification are not subject to the same auditing and tracking controls as normal emails, and are therefore shown in a separate queue. All other emails being processed by Mimecast are displayed in the Processing Queue.

Typically system notifications will be delivered immediately. Therefore the System Queue may appear empty, as system notifications briefly enter the queue and are then successfully delivered. Emails will only remain in the queue if Mimecast is unable to deliver these notifications.


The System Queue can be used to review system generated messages that Mimecast cannot currently deliver and are queued on retry. Mimecast will to attempt to deliver these messages until they expire after 30 retries.


Using the System Queue

  1. Log in to the Administration Console.
  2. Click on the Administration toolbar button. A menu drop down is displayed.
  3. Click on the Monitoring | System menu item.



The following information is provided:


FromEmail address of senderDetails of the sender
ToEmail address of recipientDetails of the recipient
TypeDel BounceType of System Notification
Email DirectionArrow indicatorShows the direction of the email (inbound or outbound or internal)
TryNumeric value between 1 and 31The number of retry attempts for this email
StatusLocked (Red Indicator)The email is currently locked
Delayed (Orange Indicator)The email is queued for delivery
Normal (Green Indicator)The email is awaiting the next retry interval


Once the email in question has been located, Administrators are able to manually Retry, Reject or Early bounce the email.


For a single entry, (or click on the context menu icon and select the desired action, or for multiple entries, use the check box next to the message, and select from the options in the top toolbar:


Retry Selected ItemsForces a manual retry of the emailEmail delivery is immediately retried, and the retry count increases by one
Reject Selected ItemsRejects the email

Email is rejected and removed from Delivery Queue. A delivery failure notification is sent to the internal sender of the email.

Early Bounce Selected ItemsEarly bounces the email

Causes the delivery attempts to be increased to a maximum of 30 attempts, causing delivery to fail. A delivery failure notification is sent to the internal sender of the email, but the message is recoverable as it has been accepted.