Federated Account Administration Differences

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Customers, Partners, and / or Service Providers with more complex email management environments, may select Federated Account Administration services for the organization. This provides additional options and benefits as described below.

  • Policy Inheritance: Sub-accounts that have opted-in to this functionality respect policies of the master and / or group accounts.
  • Federated Administration: Administrators that belong to the federated administration domain, gain access to nested accounts that have opted-in to this functionality. This facilitates administration of multiple accounts from the same browser window.


This setup is useful where you have multiple segregated Mimecast accounts. The master and group account administrators can control specific (inheritable) policies, that must be respected by nested accounts. Administrators of nested accounts can also only access content and settings for their own sub-account.


Master Accounts


Many of the menu options, and the functionality contained within them are the same as the standard Administration Console. The following menu options are available in the Master account:


AccountAnnouncementsDisplays latest product announcements from Mimecast.
DashboardDisplays the default landing page for the Master account, as defined above.
HierarchyThis menu is used to manage the hierarchical structure of the Federated Account Administration setup.
LogsTracks activity in the Mimecast account.
RolesManages administrator permissions. By default, only the Master Administrator Role is available on the Master account.
SettingsControls settings for the Mimecast account.
GatewayOutboundProvides a list of authorized outbound IP addresses used by the Federated Account Administration setup
DirectoriesInternalProvides a read-only view of the nested account's internal domains, as well as the Federated Administration Domain belonging to the master.
ImportAllows administrators to import data to Mimecast. This is used to create addresses for the federated administration domain.
Some differences between the Federated Account Administration Master Console and the standard Administration Console are detailed below.

Account Settings


Four additional options are available in Account | Settings:


Enable Policy InheritanceAllows mail processing nested accounts to consider the policies configured on group and / or master accounts, as long as all relevant accounts have this option enabled as well. This is enabled by Mimecast Support.
Enable Federated AdministrationEnables additional roles to allow Federated Administration of group and mail processing nested accounts. This is enabled by Mimecast Support.
Enable Federated Content ViewAllows federated administrators to have content view permissions for all nested accounts that have enabled federated administration. This is enabled by Mimecast support.
Federated Administration DomainSpecifies the domain name used for federated administration.


Accounts Hierarchy


The Accounts | Hierarchy menu item enables master account administrators to view and manage the hierarchy of the federated account administration setup. For more information view the Advanced / Federated Account Administration: Account Structures page.


Accounts Roles


Once the Basic Administrator has been allocated to the master account, and with federated administration enabled on the group and / or mail processing accounts, they can access the nested accounts:

  1. Log on to the Master Account's Administration Console.
  2. Click on the Administration toolbar button.
  3. Click on the Account | Roles menu item. A list of roles is displayed.
  4. Click on the Federated Administrators Access button. The nested accounts are displayed.
  5. Click on the Switch to Account link to the right of the required account.
    Federated Account Access

To navigate back to the Master account, or to another account:

  1. Click on the Account | Roles menu item on the nested account.
  2. Click on the Federated Administrator Access button.
  3. Click on the Switch to Account link to the right of the required account.


Federated Account OptionGroup Accounts and Mail Processing Accounts


All nested accounts are controlled by the master account. In order to enable federated administration, the Enable Federated Administration option must be selected in your "Account | Settings". This allows the account to opt-in to Federated Account Administration, and be enabled by Super Administrators or Partner Administrators. Mimecast Support enables this option for any group accounts.


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