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Journaling generates errors on the Exchange server.




The error 1023 with 0x7da in the Windows Application Event Log means that we are trying to retrieve a message from the Journaling mailbox, but the POP Server fails to render the message properly.


Log Name : Application

Type : Error

Date/Time: Day, Month Date, Year at Time

Source : POP3SVC

Category : Content Engine

ID : 1023

UserName : Desc : Error 0x7da occurred while rendering message


Investigation in the past has shown that typically this indicates there is something wrong with the structure of such messages, and the POP Server doesn't allow Mimecast to retrieve them properly. When you place them in a subfolder of the Inbox we will not try to retrieve it, but they will be there for future reference.




  1. Log in to the Journaling mailbox using OWA or an IMAP Client
  2. Sort the items by date
  3. You will most likely find a message that is relatively old compared to the other messages
  4. Please create a subfolder under the Inbox and move this 'older' item to the subfolder.