Group Carbon Copy Policies

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Using the Group Carbon Copy policy, either individuals or Groups can be blind copied on emails based on the email flow. The sender and recipient of the email are unaware that the email has been copied to any other email addresses.

This policy will add the additional user’s address to the BCC field of the email during transmission. If the BCC’d user replies to all, the original sender will be aware that their email was carbon copied.

Before setting up the Policy, a Group must be created  that contains the addresses of the users that will receive the carbon copy. This group can be a local Mimecast Group or a Directory Group.


In certain situations, Administrators may require others to be copied in on emails. This could be a temporary requirement while an end user is away, or could be for a Compliance Officer who needs access to all emails sent from a certain individual to an external recipient or company.

What you need

  • An Administrator Console logon with access to the Administration | Gateway | Policies menu item.


Creating a policy


To create a policy, follow the instructions in the Creating / Changing a Policy article, but using the following options:


Policy NarrativeProvide a description for the Policy to allow you to easily identify it in the future.
Select Carbon Copy GroupUse the Lookup button to select a Carbon Copy Group.

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