Creating a Stationery Policy

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A policy is an administrator set rule that affects the flow of email. In the case of a stationery policy, it determines if and when to apply stationery to a message. For example, an policy can be set to apply a stationery layout to all internal domain users when sending outbound email. When one of these users sends an email, Mimecast will apply the stationery before delivering the email to the intended recipient.


The policy allows for centralized, granular control of the application of a stationery layout to a message, and is based on specific groups of users. In this way, complete control is achieved in terms of which stationery layout is applied to which user, without allowing the user to affect the content of the stationery layout itself.


What You'll Need



Creating a Policy


To create a policy, follow the instructions in the Creating / Changing a Policy article, but using the following options:


Policy NarrativeProvide a description for the Policy to allow you to easily identify it in the future.
Select Stationery

Use the Lookup button to select the required Stationery definition.

You can have an Stationery Exclusion Bypass policy. See here for further details.

Definition Required?


Yes. See the Creating / Changing a Stationery Layout page for full details.

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