Configuring a Mailbox Folder Replication Definition

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A Mailbox Folder Replication definition is required to define the settings used for the Mailbox Folder Replication feature. Administrators can define:

  • to exclude well known folders
  • and also full sync exclusion times.


A single definition can be applied to multiple Exchange Tasks.


Creating a Mailbox Folder Replication definition

  1. Log on to the Administration Console.
  2. Navigate to Administration | Services | Exchange Services page.
  3. This launches a dashboard, which allows you to manage Exchange Sites, Exchange Definitions, Schedules, and Exchange Tasks, as well as view a log of recent MSE task activity.
  4. There are two options that can be used to create a new Exchange Definition:
    1. Click on the Exchange Definitions button on the task toolbar and select the Mailbox Folder Replication option.
    2. Navigate to the Exchange Tasks widget. Click on the blue Definition link next to the Mailbox Folder Replication definition.
  5. Click on the New Replication Definition button in the task toolbar of this page to create a new definition.
  6. The following Replication Properties page is displayed:
  7. Enter a Description.
  8. By default, the Inbox, Sent Items and Deleted Items folders (and subfolders) will be replicated.  To exclude any of these from replication, place a check mark in the related check box.
  9. If you have message shortcuts from Enterprise Vault that you wish to include in the Mailbox Folder Replication task, select the Include Enterprise Vault Shortcut option.
  10. Click the Save and Exit button on the top toolbar.


The Message Folder Replication list displays information regarding the Replication definitions that have been created:


Editing a Mailbox Folder Replication Definition


A Mailbox Folder Replication Definition can be edited at any time, however it cannot be removed if it is used in an Exchange Task.


If a definition used in an Exchange Task is edited the new settings will be applied on the next execution of the Task.


To edit a definition, navigate to the definitions page in the Administration Console (Administration | Services | Exchange Services | Mailbox Folder Replication Definition) and click on the definition that wish to edit.


Adding sync exclusions


Sync Exclusions can be added if there is a specific time of the day when the Mailbox Folder Replication task should not execute a full synchronization of a mailbox, for example, during an Exchange Server backup, or peek business hours. To add an exclusion:

  1. Click on the Mailbox Folder Replication definition.
  2. Click on the Manage Full Sync Exclusion Times button. This displays any Full Sync Exclusions that already exist against the definition.
  3. Click the New Replication Exclusion icon button on the top toolbar.
  4. Select a day, start time and end time (in 24 hour clock format) during which Folder Replication should not occur.
  5. Click the Save and Exit button on the top toolbar.


These exclusions will now be listed on the main Replication Properties screen.


Next Steps


Now that you have a Mailbox Folder Replication definition configured you can apply this using an Exchange Task.

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