Create an Exchange Ingestion Batch

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An Exchange Ingestion batch is required to select the mailboxes you want to ingest. Batches can be created for:

  • All mailbox enabled users in your organization
  • A Mimecast group of users
  • An Active Directory Security or Distribution group of users


or by selecting / entering users individually.


What You'll Need


  • The Legacy Archive Data Management Mimecast package.
  • At least version 4.0 of the Mimecast Synchronization Engine installed and configured in your environment.


Creating an Ingestion Batch


To create an ingestion batch:

  1. Log in to the Administration Console.
  2. Click on the Administration | Services | Exchange Services menu item.
  3. Select the Exchange Ingestion button.

  4. Enter a Batch Description.
  5. Select a Mimecast Synchronization Engine Site.
  6. Choose which mailboxes to include in the batch.

    Select All MailboxesThis option will add all internal addresses found in your Mimecast service which have the homeMta Active Directory attribute. You'll need to have Directory Synchronization enabled to use this option.
    Group lookupThis option allows you to select either a synchronized Active Directory group or a Mimecast local group.
    Select individual mailbox

    This option allows you to either select users from a list or type them individually. If you are typing user individually, ensure you enter the user's primary SMTP address in a comma separated list.

  7. Click Create Ingestion Batch.

Once the batch has been created it is immediately placed In Progress with a status of Discovering Mailboxes. This status indicates the Mimecast Synchronization Engine is calculating the total size of each of the mailboxes added to the batch. The mailbox size is reported as per the response that the Mimecast Synchronization Engine receives from Exchange and should be considered an estimate, not an exact size. This process will start within two minutes of clicking Create Ingestion Batch.

Starting an Ingestion Batch


To start an ingestion batch:

  1. While in the Exchange Ingestion screen in the Administration Console select the In Progress tab.
  2. Click the View Mailboxes button to expand a list of the mailboxes selected for the batch.
  3. Here you can:
    • View the individual mailbox status's and approximate mailbox size's for successfully discovered mailboxes.
    • Remove a mailbox from the batch by unselecting it.
  4. When you are ready, click Start Ingestion.
  5. Select to ingest all messages in the mailbox or limit the ingestion to a date range and click Start Ingestion.

This date range filters for messages sent / received between the dates selected, from 00:00 on the start date and 23:59 on the end date. The latest end date you can select is the date before the current day.


You don't have to wait for the batch status to update to Mailbox Discovery Complete to start a batch.

Next Steps


Within two minutes the Mimecast Synchronization Engine will start the ingestion and set the status of the batch to Ingesting Mailboxes.


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