Manage an Exchange Ingestion Batch

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Once an Exchange Ingestion batch has started, the batch's progress can be monitored and managed from the Administration Console.


What You'll Need


  • An Exchange Ingestion batch with an "In Progress" status.


Monitoring a Batch's Progress


To monitor a batch's progress:

  1. Log in to the Administration Console.
  2. Click on the Administration toolbar button. A menu drop down is displayed.
  3. Click on the Services | Exchange Services menu item.
  4. Click on the Exchange Ingestion button.
  5. Select the In Progress tab.

  6. The overall progress and status of the batch is viewed in main batch section. While a batch is ingesting data the status is shown as Ingesting Mailboxes.
  7. To view the status of each mailbox select the View Mailboxes option.

For each mailbox, statistics on data ingested, data omitted (not included for ingestion), and the amount of data remaining to be ingested is displayed. The mailbox list shows a paged view of all mailboxes included in the batch. Use the page size control and the search box to locate specific mailboxes by their primary email address.

Pausing a Batch


In the situation where you want to stop the ingestion batch but continue at a later date, use the Pause button in the main batch window.



The Mimecast Synchronization Engine will then stop processing the batch and save it's progress locally, allowing for the batch to be resumed.


Paused batches will remain visible in the In Progress tab of the Exchange Ingestion screen.


Use the Resume button in the main batch window when you are ready to restart the ingestion.


Canceling a Batch


In the situation where you want to permanently stop a batch, use the Cancel button in the main batch window.




Canceled batches cannot be resumed and are visible in the Completed tab of the Exchange Ingestion screen.


You can view the mailbox statistics of mailboxes that were ingested before the batch was canceled, however summary reports are not available for canceled batches.


Viewing Completed Batch Reports


Once a batch completes it is viewable in the Completed tab of the Exchange Ingestion screen.



From here you can view the overall task result, and per mailbox results and statistics.


Select the View Report option to view a summary of the data ingested in the batch.


Here you will also find a link to download a csv report containing details of any messages that failed to ingest including the reason why.