Managing Attachments Overview

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You can use one of the attachment policy types listed below to handle incoming or outgoing attachments. Using a separate view, attachments sent using Mimecast Large File Send can also be tracked.


Attachment ManagementAllows individual attachment types to be blocked, linked or held using an Attachment Set Definition.
Attachment Block on SizeRemoves attachments based on the cumulative size of the attachments.
Attachment Hold on SizeHolds the email based on the cumulative size of the attachments.
Attachment Link on SizeStrips and Links all attachments based on the cumulative size of the attachments.


It is also possible to limit email messages based on the total size of the email message, including all attachments. The policies listed above affect individual attachments only. Any attachment that is blocked or stripped and linked from an email based on a policy, is logged and available for release by an administrator using Stripped Attachments.

If you have the Targeted Threat Protection - Attachment Protect product on your Mimecast account, you can release attachments to the Sandbox. Contact your Account Manager for further details.

How do Stripped Attachments Work?


When an attachment is blocked or stripped and linked to an email, your internal end users are notified. Administrators can review, and if required, release either the attachment (which will be delivered with a system notification) or the original email. This is then delivered to the recipient. These attachments are available in the Archive until the email's expiry date. Delivery of, and access to, Large File Send items can be monitored in a separate viewer.


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