Viewing Messages with Stripped Attachments

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To view attachments that have been removed from emails:

  1. Logon to the Administration Console.
  2. Select the Monitoring | Attachments menu item. A list of stripped attachments, together with detail of the email they came in, is displayed:


The Ext column shows the file extension for the attachment. This is the actual MIME type of the attachment. Even if the attachment file type has been renamed, the actual file type will be displayed.

The Status column displays an icon showing the status of the attachment, as detailed below:


Attachment Status



Attachment Linked

The attachment has been removed from the original email due to a strip and link policy. This could either be using an Attachment Link on Size policy, or by selecting the link option in an Attachment Set. The end user will receive the original email, with a  system notification attachment. A HTTPS hyperlink is provided for the end user to download the attachment directly from Mimecast.


Attachment Released

The attachment, or the original message with an attachment, has been released by an Administrator to the end user.


Attachment Blocked

The attachment has been blocked due to an Attachment Management Policy or Attachment Block on Size Policy.

The search field allows an Administrator to filter the view by searching for the FROM, TO address or filename. By default, Stripped Attachments displays one month's worth of attachments. The date range can also be changed by using the “From” and “To” calendar controls, and clicking the reload button.


Additional information is provided when a message is selected, including the status of the message and the details of the attachment:


If the Released field only applies to Attachment Block on Size Policies, or Attachment Management Policies where the Deny option has been enabled.

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