The Administration Console User Interface

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The Administration Console offers a variety of features to help with navigation, access to functionality, and getting support. These include:

  • Toolbar icons
  • Menu Items
  • Tabs
  • A search facility
  • A refresh facility
  • Account Profile


Toolbar Icons


toolbar.pngThe toolbar is located at the top of the Administration Console dialog inbetween the search box and profile information. It has a series of icons that allow you to access:


Menu Items


Menu ItemsThe Administration Console menu items are grouped into a two level structure. The top level (called Administration) is accessed from the left hand side of the application's toolbar, and gives access to a second level of menu items displayed in tabs down the left hand side in a menu. Selected a tab from the list displays the functions belonging to that area. These functions display a helpful description of their purpose in addition to the menu item.

Search for functions using the search field (see the image). This searches for functions across all the tabs, where the entering text exists in either the menu item name or its description. Results are automatically displayed in a list as you type, allowing you to select the appropriate menu item.



Administration Console tabsThe Administration Console allows you to quickly access functionality that you've previously used during your session. This is because each function used creates a tab, that you can click to access. These tabs are displayed under the header, and unless you explicitly close them, they remain open. In our example, the user has accessed:

  • The Administration Console Dashboard
  • Policies
  • Rejections
  • Journaling

Each tab displays a breadcrumb trail, giving you an indication of where you are in the menu structure.

open_tabs.pngIf there are too many tabs open to fit on the dialog, they are still accessible:

  1. Click the ico_tabs.png icon to the right of the displayed tabs. A list of all open tabs is displayed, with the current open tab highlighted.
  2. Select the required function.




search.pngA search field is available in the Administration console header, to the left of the toolbar icons and profile information. It can be used to enter text that is used to automatically find:

  • Mimecaster Central content (default behavior)
  • Menu items


To search for content or a menu item:

  1. Type some text on the search field. The search is performed automatically as you type. Any results are displayed, complete with some context about the content, allowing you to select the most appropriate page.
  2. Limit your search results by selecting either:
    • Search Mimecaster Central (default)
    • Search Menu Items
  3. Select an item from the search results.

Click the Visit Mimecaster Central link to the right of the search result list to access the Mimecaster Central home page.

Refreshing the Display


You can refresh your Administration Console display to include changes that have occurred since the dialog was first displayed. This is particularly useful in the available dashboards, to refresh the graphical displays.


To refresh your display:

  1. Click the ico_refresh.png icon to the left of your open tabs.


Account Profile


AdCon ProfileYour Mimecast account profile details are displayed on the right hand side of the Administration Console header. It displays your:

  • Mimecast account name
  • Mimecast logon
  • Role
  • Avatar


Clicking anywhere on your account profile details displays a popup dialog with access to:

  • Your account and support details (see below).
  • Change your cloud password.
  • Send us feedback on any aspect of our service.
  • Display a short tour of the Administration Console.
  • Log off from the Administration Console.

Read the Complete Your Profile Mimecaster Central page for details of how to change your avatar, as well as other profile information.

Account and Support Details


The Account and Support details menu item available from your account profile icon, displays your “Mimecast ID”. This is a numeric code that you'll need when raising telephone support cases with us.


Account Profile Details