Managing Large File Send Attachments

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Large File Send services can be enabled when writing an email using Mimecast for Outlook, Mimecast for Mac, or an Attachment Management policy. Large File Send attachments are not transmitted through the company email server. Instead, they are sent directly through Mimecast. This helps to reduce the load on the server and the user application. Recipients are sent a notification that they have files to access. The notification contains a link to the Large File Send portal, where they can download the attachments from the Large File Send Portal with content viewing rights.

A maximum of 100 attachments can be added to any Large File Send or Receive request. If more than that is required, consider using a file compression tool to collect the files into a single compressed file.

All Large File Send attachments are kept for 90 days, regardless of what is specified in the "Expire Access to Files After" Application Setting. This allows users to extend access to the file, if they so desire. After 90 days, access to the file is revoked, but the attachment is still archived along with the message to which it was attached. To remove it from the archive at that point, you'd have to run a retention adjustment against the message. However if you have an account level retention of fewer than 90 days, and have extended access to a Large File Send or Large File Receive attachment so that it would be available past the date that account level retention would have expired it, anyone with a link to the attachment is able to download the attachment until it reaches the Large File Send or Large File Receive specific expiry date.


Users can send and monitor the Large File Send files from the:


Select the Send Large Files button to view a list of the files. Select one of the files to view more details on the file, including the email receipt / delivery details.


The Administration Console dashboard provides a means to monitor the Large File Send usage:

  1. Log in to the Administration Console.
  2. Click on the Administration toolbar button. A menu drop down is displayed.
  3. Click on the Services | Large File Send menu item.


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