Closed Circuit Messaging (CCM) Management

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Closed Circuit Messaging (CCM) is the Mimecast secure mail feature, which ensures the security of email data.  If sent an email using CCM, the external recipient will receive an initial notification with details that an email is waiting for them, and then another notification informing them of their password.  Mimecast Administrators are able to manage these recipient’s user accounts, including passwords and access modifications. Once the CCM recipient has logged into the Mimecast service to read the secure mail, they will be forced to reset their password.  The external recipients of CCM messages may forget or need to reset their passwords to access the CCM message.  The administrator is able to reset or modify the access information for the external user as required.

How do I manage CCM user accounts?

Mimecast Administrators can reset (external) CCM user's passwords manually, or CCM users can request a password reset. Administrators can also control the actions that the recipients of CCM messages can perform when logged into the Mimecast webmail. For example, an Administrator can limit the number of days that CCM messages are visible within the archive by defining the CCM Archive Search Limit option in Account Settings. By default, recipients can only reply to and forward the message to valid addresses within the domain that the mail originated from.

  1. Navigate to Directories | External
  2. The External Domains page lists all the external domains that have communicated with your internal users.  This includes CCM recipients.
  3. Locate the domain of the CCM recipient, which can be achieved using the search box
  4. Once the domain has been located, open the domain to see a list of users known to Mimecast based on previous email communication.  This also includes all CCM recipients
  5. Locate and select the email address of the specific account
  6. The Administrator now has access to amend access permissions, as well as to reset the user’s password.  If you select Force Change at Logon, the user will be required to enter a password of their choice before entering the CCM area
  7. If required, the Administrator can restrict the recipient's access by removing the check mark from the Allow CCM Emails field from the within the Override Group Application Settings section.  This will prevent any messages from being sent from the CCM area via this account.
  8. Additionally, should the CCM recipient forget their password, you can reset this by entering a new password into the Password field and confirming it in the Confirm Password field
  9. Click the Save and Exit button to save the changes.

Password Reset Requests

Mimecast also provides the option to request a password reset  from external recipients, should they have forgotten their password. The password reset process and notifications are detailed below:

  1. If the user attempts and fails to logon, they should click the Mimecast service link provided in the original secure message notification email
  2. The user must then enter their email address, and click on the I have forgotten my password link.
  3. The user must enter their email address and click Send me reset instructions.  A confirmation box will appear.
  4. A notification email is sent to the specified address, and the page returns to the login prompt. The user is required to click on the link presented in the email. This notification can not currently be customized.
  5. The link will take them to the login screen which allows them to reset their password.

Users can have multiple outstanding password reset requests at any given time. Each reset request replaces any previous outstanding/incomplete requests.

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