Mimecast Service Sample Test Plan

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The following links provide a collection of test cases for the email routing and security elements of the Mimecast service.  The test cases presented are the minimum tests required in order to validate the core/base functionality of the service and are by no means exhaustive.


Mimecast recommends that the test plan is followed in the order presented and that multiple passes of the full test plan are executed in order to verify that the service is functioning as expected. It is equally important that on execution of any remediation activities against failed tests the entire plan is re-run in order to ensure that the changes made have not impacted any other elements of the service functionality.


Customers and partners are encouraged to develop additional test cases to suit their specific email environment requirements.


Test Numbering Conventions:


  • MANxx = Mandatory Test Case
  • OPTxx = Optional Test Case


Available Test Cases

Outbound Routing and Security Test Cases

Recipient Validation and Directory Synchronization Test Cases

Inbound Routing and Security Test Cases


Tip: you can copy/paste these pages into Microsoft Word 2010 and above to create your own editable test plan document (including Titles and Tables) for customization.

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