Lotus Domino: Setting up an SMTP Connector

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As a new Mimecast customer, one of the steps in setting up your account is directing all outbound email via Mimecast. This requires you to create an SMTP Connector to be configured on your Domino Server.


This is a multi step process as outlined below. Links are provided for more specific information on each step.

Prior to us accepting outbound emails, the authorized IP addresses where emails will be sent from must be added to your Mimecast account.

  1. Configure an SMTP Connector

  2. Configuring Domino to send and receive mail over SMTP
  3. Recalculating the server's routing table
  4. Configuring Domino to send mail to a relay host or firewall
  5. Setting up SMTP routing to external Internet domains

Disable or remove any other Outbound Send Connectors that were previously used. Failure to do this means your outbound email still uses these older send connectors, and is not routed through Mimecast. Any send connectors used for other purposes (e.g archiving) may still be required to be enabled. If in doubt, consult your Mimecast Support engineer.



If a new outbound connector is not working, try modifying the existing connector that sends via the “internet”. Enter Mimecast's Gateway address in the SMTP MTA relay host field:




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Once emails are successfully routing outbound through Mimecast, proceed to the next step of the Connect process:


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