Connect Process: Account Configuration

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Connect_Mimecast_Account.pngOnce the Request For Information (RFI) has been completed, the Connect team creates the Mimecast account for the organization.  The account parameters are defined in accordance to the products and services that have been purchased by the organization, which can be reviewed within Account Settings once the account has been created.  For more information on the available services, contact your Mimecast representative.


The Account defines the storage locations for organization's information within Mimecast's infrastructure.  This includes the Policies, settings, user information and email data, amongst other items.  The Policies defined within the Account determine how email delivery takes place, both inbound and outbound, for the organization.


How is the Account Created?


Mimecast support engineers will define the Account for the organization, based on the information received in the RFI.  Once the account has been created, the support team will issue the details to the organization's Technical Point of Contact (TPOC).  The support team will also implement the settings as specified in the RFI for the following areas:

  • Account Settings and contact information
  • Authorized Outbound IP addresses
  • Delivery Routes
  • Default Policies
  • Any other required Policies (on request)
  • Internal Domain names and Recipient Validation
  • Email Digest for Spam scanners


Next Step: Routing Your Outbound Email


Once the account has been configured, emails can be routed Outbound through Mimecast: