Local Mailbox Policies

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A Local Mailbox policy is used by an active Continuity Event. Therefore if you do not subscribe to Continuity, there is no need to have a Local Mailbox policy. In fact the policy type is only visible if you have a continuity subscription, or your account has been setup with the Hermes webmail utility.


When a continuity event is active, messages are not routed through the Mimecast Exchange. Instead they are routed to a local mailbox. This enables users of Mimecast applications (e.g. Mimecast for Mobile, Mimecast Personal Portal, Mimecast for Mac and Mimecast for Outlook) to access their messages during the event using a webmail utility like Hermes.


If a bypass policy is in place for certain communication and messages get stamped with this bypass they will NOT be available during continuity or to be downloaded using POP. Instead of “Local Mailbox” you could read “Continuity Mailbox” except that it also applies allowing items to be downloaded by POP. If the client has a POP Only domain this doesn’t apply.




Administrators can implement the Forwarding Address policy to alter the destination address for a particular email flow. The forwarding address must be an existing valid email address (internal or external). Any policy match will override the default Delivery Route. Mimecast will determine whether the new recipient (forwarding address) is internal or external, and then deliver the email to this address. Details regarding the original recipient and the forwarded recipient are included in the email headers, which can be accessed using an Archive Search.


Forwarded emails are still processed by Mimecast security systems, including content, spam and virus checks. The message contents are also archived normally, according to your account retention period.


What You'll Need


  • An Administrator Console logon with access to the Administration | Gateway | Policies menu item.


Policy Options


The Options section of an Forwarding Address policy is completed as follows:



Policy Narrative

Provide a description for the policy to allow you to easily identify it in the future.

Select Option

Specify whether to enable your local mailbox or to take no action.

Mimecast requires this policy to be enabled for continuity event purposes. If you want to exclude certain messages from being available during a continuity event, do so by creating a policy and selecting the "Take no action" option. Alternatively use a Local Mailbox bypass policy.


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