The Connect Application Overview

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Applies To


This page applies to new clients connecting with Mimecast using the Connect Application. If you are not using the Connect Application, click here.




The Connect Application is your first step towards taking full control of your email environment with the Mimecast Services. It leads you through the steps you'll need to perform to set up your Mimecast account, whilst explaining what is happening. It also links out to knowledge base articles and other relevant information to help you.



The steps you need to perform do not require any specialist software or services. The application just utilizes the native functionality of your mail server and the local directory services.


The application is aimed at new Mimecast customers, and ensures that:

  • All the configuration changes required to set up your Mimecast account are successfully completed.
  • A reputation database is created, allowing a smooth transition to Mimecast.
  • All configuration changes are made in an organized and secure manner.
  • A set of default policies are created to:
    • Block dangerous file types
    • Block or hold encrypted ZIP files or email components
    • Detect spam
    • Anti-spoofing
    • Permit / block senders
    • Permit certain forwarders


Mimecast Support will not have access to make changes to your infrastructure. Guidelines and documentation is provided at each step in the process to assist you to make the required configuration changes.


Once all the steps are complete, you are able to make use of other Mimecast services. For example:

Complete the Connect process to configure your base servicesInitiate your Legacy Archive Data Management processConfigure your Best Practice PoliciesInstall additional Server components (e.g. Mimecast Synchronization Engine)Enable end users through the available Mimecast apps
The connect application is not aware of configurations made directly inside the Administration Console. All initial configuration must be made via the application, unless the default policies need altering.

What You'll Need


We'll provide you with the following details when you sign up as a Mimecast customer:

  • The application's URL
  • A logon and password


We recommend you plan and provision your own acceptance testing for each stage of the Connect process.

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