Connect Application: The User Interface

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The Connect Application user interface provides:


Menu / Sub-Menu Items


The Connect Application tasks are grouped into the three areas, each of which has a menu item positioned on the left hand side. When a menu item is clicked, a sub menu displays all the tasks (both optional and mandatory) that make up that section. Clicking on one of these, takes you to that task. If you have previously started the task, clicking the menu item displays it at the state you last left it. If you have completed the task, a summary is displayed.


The menu / sub-menu items are:


Menu ItemSub-menu Items

Sub-menu items have an icon that tells you whether the task can be performed. Locked tasks cannot be started until all prerequisite tasks are completed. Take the following example of the Gateway menu item tasks:





Progress Panel



The Connect Application has a "Task Progress" panel on the right hand side, that displays a visual indicator of your progress to date in setting up your Mimecast account. It displays the number of completed and total steps. Additionally, each step is represented by an icon that changes as you progress through the steps. The key to the icon status is hidden by default, but can be displayed by clicking the "Down" arrow in the top right corner of the "Key" field.


When the key is displayed, clicking the "Up" arrow in the top right corner of the "Key" field hides the Key panel.

Each task icon can be clicked to navigate directly to that task.

Toolbar Icons


The following icons are available in the toolbar. They provide access to menu items with additional functionality.


Toolbar iconMenu itemDescription
toolbar_apps.pngMimecast Apps

Displays a list of useful Mimecast applications.

toolbar_settings.pngChange Cloud PasswordAllows you to change your Connect Application password.
toolbar_settings.pngConnect TourDisplays a five step tour of the Connect Application.
toolbar_settings.pngSend Feedback

Opens an form that allows you to send us feedback on the Connect Application.

toolbar_settings.pngHelpOpens the knowledge base where all the user documentation is stored.


View Summary Link



In addition to the task status panel, a clickable "View Summary" link is available on the right hand side. When clicked, a summary page is displayed, which displays a summary of all the tasks.


The summary page has a series of tabs relating to the top level menu on the left hand side:

  • General
  • Platform
  • Gateway
  • Archive


Click on each tab to display that set of tasks. Click the "X" in the top right hand corner to close the summary.


If a task has been completed, the task's detail is displayed. This is a similar display to the summary page displayed at the end of each task. If a task has not been completed, a link is available enabling you to progress to that task. If there are prerequisite tasks, the link takes you to that task instead.


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