Connect Application: The User Interface

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                User Interface


The Connect Application user interface provides:


Main Menu / Sub-Menu Items


Sub Menu ItemsThe Connect Application tasks are grouped into four areas, each of which has a main menu item on the left hand side. When any main menu item is clicked, the sub-menu displays all of the tasks (both optional and mandatory) included in that section. Click on a sub-menu item to start configuration for that task.


Sub-menu items have icons that indicate whether the task can be performed. Locked tasks cannot be started until all prerequisite tasks are completed. If you've previously started a task, clicking the sub-menu item displays the progress as you last left it. When a task is completed successfully, a summary page displays and you can move to the next step.


The main menu / sub-menu items are:


Connect Progress Panel


Key MenuThe "Connect Progress" panel on the right hand side displays a visual indicator of the Connect Application steps. It shows:

  • The number of tasks you've completed to date.
  • The total number of tasks required to set up your Mimecast account.


Each step is represented by an icon that changes as you progress through the steps. The key to the icon status is hidden by default in the "Key" section, but can be displayed or hidden by clicking on the "Down" or "Up" arrow in the top right corner of the Key field.



  • You can click on a task icon to navigate directly to that task.
  • Locked tasks are represented by the padlock icon, indicating that you'll need to complete prerequisite tasks to access them.
  • Tasks in the Optional Tasks group use a different color scheme and iconography.


Account Profile


Click on your Account Profile in the top-right corner of the interface to access these menu items: 


Menu itemDescription
Change Cloud PasswordAllows you to change your Connect Application password.
Account and Support DetailsDisplays your customer details, your Mimecast product details, and key contacts for additional support.
Send FeedbackOpens a form that allows you to send us your feedback and suggestions on the Connect Application.
Connect TourDisplays a visual five step tour of the Connect Application.
HelpOpens the knowledge base where all the user documentation is available.


View Summary Link


Configuration SummaryIn addition to the Connect Progress panel, a clickable View Configuration link is available on the right hand side. The Configuration Summary page displays an overview of all the tasks that are completed, pending, or locked. Click on the tabs at the top to view a summary of the tasks in each main menu category:

  • General
  • Platform
  • Gateway
  • Archive
  • Optional

The following configuration summary options display:

  • Task still pending: Click on the Get Started link to begin configuration for the pending task.
  • Unlock by completing: Click on the task link to complete the prerequisite task.
  • Green tick: The task is completed successfully.
  • More / Less: Use the links to toggle the display of a completed task's configuration details.
  • X: Click the X in the top right-hand corner to close the summary page.


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