Connect Application: Modifying Your MX Records

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Applies To...


  • New clients connecting with Mimecast using the Connect Application. If you are not using Connect, click here.
  • Customers using Mimecast for email security.


Prerequisite Tasks 


Before you can modify your MX records, the following tasks must be completed in the Connect application:



To validate the MX records on your domains, you must only have Mimecast’s MX records, or they should be the highest priority (lowest cost).

To route your organization’s inbound email through us, you must update your mail exchange (MX) records. This designates us as the mail server responsible for accepting email on your behalf. The process for doing this depends on your DNS hosting provider. The following instructions are provided as a guide only.


To update your MX records:

  1. Click on the Gateway | Modify Your MX Record menu item.
  2. Domain to ValidateClick on the Start button.
  3. Select a Domain to validate from the drop down list. All domains that have a delivery route are listed. Other domains can be validated on the summary page.
    Steps 4 to 7 are performed outside of the Connect application. When you have completed them, return to the application to finish the task. If you're not responsible for configuring your DNS hosting account, click on the Share button to send an email with the appropriate details.
  4. Log on to your DNS Hosting Account.
  5. Go to the MX Record Maintenance page. You may have to enable advanced settings to access this page which may be located in:
    • DNS Management
    • Mail Server Configuration
    • Name Server Management
  6. Enter the Inbound Hostnames displayed in the application into your MX records. These must be added with the same priority to ensure proper round-robin load distribution and redundancy.
  7. Save your change, and return to the Connect Application.
  8. Click on the Validate button. If validation is successful, a summary page displays the following message:

MX Validated

Any MX records found when the lookup is performed are cached for the duration specified on the domain's TTL (Time To Live). Mimecast DNS servers will respect the domain's TTL, so you’ll need to wait until the cache is cleared before performing another lookup.

Summary Page


MX Record SummaryOnce you've validated at least one MX record, a summary page displays:

  • Any domains that are pending validation.
  • Your MX record status.
  • Your inbound email status.


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