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Your Mimecast administrator has created policies to ensure messages containing potential junk / spam content, or specific attachments aren't delivered directly to your Inbox. Instead they are held in a quarantine area, called the Hold Queue. 


You can view and control these messages, without having to contact your administrator, by using the automated digest sent to your Inbox. The frequency of the digest is controlled by your administrator, and displays a summary of your messages in the Hold Queue. If there are no messages in the Hold Queue, you'll not receive the digest.

An example digest is displayed below, but your administrator may have customized the digest to include your branding, specific wording, and other details.

Digest Email


Using the Digest


The digest lists the actions you can take to ensure legitimate, safe messages aren't missed, and are released to your Inbox. The actions you can take are listed below, together with details of what happens to the held messages and all future messages from the sender. 

Each message in the digest must be actioned individually.
ActionMessage DeliveryFuture Messages
ReleaseRemoves the message from the Hold Queue, and delivers it to your Inbox.

Messages from the sender are still subject to your Administrator's policies, so may be sent to the Hold Queue.

BlockRemoves the message from the Hold Queue, but doesn't deliver the message to your Inbox.The sender's email address is added to your personal block list. Messages from this sender are rejected, and won't be delivered to your Inbox.
PermitRemoves the message from the Hold Queue, and delivers it to your Inbox.

The sender's email address is added to your personal allow list. Messages from this sender bypass all spam checks and are delivered to your Inbox, provided they pass virus scanning, content, and attachment policies.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q:What happens to the messages if I take no action on messages in the digest?
A:You don't have to take action on messages in the digest, but we encourage you to do so. If no action is taken on the messages in the digest, you won't be reminded about them and they'll expire from the Hold Queue after 14 days. After this period, messages can be retrieved from your personal email archive.
Q:I've received the following notification when I clicked on an action link. What does this mean?
Digest Notification
A:The action links in the digest are only valid for 14 days. The above notification is displayed if you attempt to release, block, or permit a message after this time period, or if the message has previously been released or blocked.
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