Mimecast Personal Portal: Using Archive Folders

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This article describes how end users can interact with their archive folders in Mimecast Personal Portal.


Applies to:


  • End users of Mimecast Personal Portal
  • Accounts with Mimecast Synchronization Engine folder synchronization enabled




Archive folders allow you to access your messages in the same folders as you access them in your mailbox. This is true even if your mail server is unavailable, or the message has been deleted. Mimecast Personal Portal displays the current location for each message, or if a message has been deleted from your mail server, the last location before it was deleted.


Browsing Archive Folders


  1. Select the Archive Folders icon from the main menu on the left-hand side.

  2. Select a folder to browse the contents.

    All emails that were ever present in the folder will be displayed if they've been archived by Mimecast. If your administrators have provided you with the permissions, you can switch to Live View using the drop-down menu above the folder tree. This will display only the messages and folder structure visible in Outlook as it was when synchronization last ran.

Include Deleted ItemsIncluding Deleted Folders


You can view folders that have been deleted, either because of your mailbox retention rules, or your administrator undertaking some mailbox management.


To include archived folders that have been deleted in your search:

  1. Click on the Include Deleted Folders option. This enables you to see:
    • Your current folder structure (i.e. you can see folders that have been deleted).
    • All messages in a folder.

This option offers an additional benefit to users who've accidentally deleted a folder. Being able to switch between your current folder structure (which doesn't display the folder) to a view that does, allows you to recover the deleted folder.