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This article provides an overview of the features available when searching your archive using Mimecast Personal Portal.


Applies to:

  • End-users of Mimecast Personal Portal.
  • Where Archiving is enabled as an account package.


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The Search Views provide the following functionality:

  • allow you to perform searches,
  • reply, reply all or forward emails from the search results,
  • access your recent and saved searches,
  • view archived files and documents,
  • save search criteria,
  • search within Smart Tags.


Using Quick Search

Quick Search is available in all the views showing mailboxes, archive folders and filtered messages on the top of the message list. By entering text in the Search field, a search is performed across all aspects of the email (including the subject, headers, body, attachments, attachment name, attachment type).

The search can be further personalized in the same panel using the relevant buttons to:

  • choose which folder to search;
  • specify the period (from last week to all time);
  • filter messages according to additional parameters (attachment type).


  1. To run a search, start by completing the search criteria in the Search box.
  2. As you type Smart Search options will be displayed allowing you to define advanced criteria without having to understand advanced search operators, examples include:
    1. Matching words in the subject only (subject:review),
    2. To or From contacts (to:John),
    3. where the text appears in files (files:review).
  3. Once criteria is entered, select the location the search should be conducted. For example:
    1. Inbox for inbound messages.
    2. Sent Items for outbound messages.
    3. All Messages to search the entire archive.
    4. Select Folder to search a specific Archived Folder.
    5. Select Smart Tag to search Smart Tags if enabled by your administrator.
  4. Select the date period over which the search should be conducted.
  5. Choose whether or not attachments should be present in the results or not.
  6. Results are returned on screen.


Saving a search

Saved Searches allow you to save the search criteria for future searches.

  1. Once a search has returned results select Save at the top of results view.
  2. Assign a name or description for the Saved Search.
  3. Select Save.

    Saved Searches are stored in Mimecast and available to all Mimecast end user applications.
    Saved Searches are accessed via the Search icon on the left-hand menu.

Using Advanced Search

  1. Select the Search icon from the top right-hand corner.
  2. If you have access to delegate accounts, select the required user from the drop-down. Alternatively change the Source | User drop-down to Smart Tag as required.
  3. To run a search, start by completing the search criteria in the Text box.
  4. Browse to and select an Archive Folder from the Folder option.
  5. Select the directionality of the messages to be returned using the Sent drop-down.

    For messages either To or From the specified addres, select With.

  6. Add the required contact address.
  7. Select a date range for the search using the Date drop-down, select Between dates to use the date picker.
  8. Choose whether or not attachments should be present in the results or not.
  9. Select the directionality of the message using the Route drop-down.
  10. Select Search.
  11. Results are returned on screen.
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