Mimecast Personal Portal: Sending Attachments via Large File Send

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This guide explains how to use the Mimecast Personal Portal to send email attachments safely and securely with the Large File Send feature.


Applies to:


  • End-users of Mimecast Personal Portal v3.
  • Where Large File Send is enabled by administrators.


LFS IconWalkthrough

To use Large File Send from the Mimecast Personal Portal:

  1. Compose a new message.
  2. Add the recipient, subject, and body to the message.
  3. Select Attach to add a file to the message.
  4. Select the Large File Send icon.
  5. LFS PreferencesYou will be presented with the Large File Send Preferences dialog. From here you can proceed to send with default settings set by your Administrator or amend the available settings to suit your needs.
    Your administrator may have enforced some or all of these settings, which will mean you cannot override them yourself.    
  6. Click on the OK button.
  7. Click on Send to send the message using Large File Send.
    The Compose feature does not support the inclusion of inline, or embedded images in email. Any inline images included will show within the Mimecast Personal Portal environment, but will not display when messages are sent outside of Mimecast.

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