Mimecast Personal Portal: Applying Document Services

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If your administrator has configured a Document Services Definition and Policy, you can apply a document conversion profile to a message. This allows you to perform various actions on the message including:

  • Converting documents to other file formats.
  • Replace all attachments over 1 MB from a message, and replace it with a notification. This is sent to the recipient, and contains a link they can use to download the attachment from Mimecast. 
  • Stripping revision information from documents, including:
    • Document properties
    • Author credentials
    • Tracked changes
    • Comments
    • Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications macros.



Document Conversion


The Document Conversion menu provides two default options, as well as any Document Services policies your administrator has made available.

  1. Compose a message.
  2. Select the Document Conversion icon.

  3. Select the Document Services Policy you want to apply to the message. The following default options are provided:

    • Default Policy: The Document Services policy set as default by your administrator is applied.

    • No Conversion: No Document Services policies are applied to the message.


Attachment Strip and Link


When applied, Mimecast removes any attachment over 1 MB, and instead sends the recipient a notification with a link to download the attachment.

  1. Compose a message.
  2. Select the Strip & Link Attachments icon.