Troubleshooting Mimecast Personal Portal / CCM Log In Issues

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When logging in to Mimecast Personal Portal (MPP) you may experience log in issues related to your credentials or your browser.


Mimecast Customers


You are able to log in to Mimecast Personal Portal using either your network password or a Mimecast Cloud password (depending on what has been configured by your administrator). Your administrator may also enable two-step authentication, which requires a secure token to log in. If you are unable to log in, it could be due to one of the following reasons:


  • A problem with the company internal directory server.
  • Not having a cloud password. This can either be created by the administrator, or your administrator may enable you access to set it for yourself.
  • You don't have the correct permission assigned to your account.
  • An issue with your security identity provider (if using SAML Single Sign-On Authentication).


Viewing a Message Sent to You via CCM


If you have received a notification containing a link, this message has been sent using Closed Circuit Messaging (CCM). When Mimecast processes the outbound message is not delivered. Instead the message is held on the Mimecast platform, and a notification is forwarded to the intended recipient.


You are required to click on the link and log in using the credentials you've been supplied. If you are unable to login, you're able to reset your password by clicking on the I have forgotten my password link. Follow the on screen instructions, which allow you to create a new password.


Web Browser Compatibility


For more information on web browser support please see the this article.




If you are still experiencing issues, forward the following information to your administrator who can investigate the issue. Alternatively log a call with Mimecast Support. If you are an external recipient of a CCM message, contact the sender with the information below:


  1. The URL used to access Mimecast Personal Portal or the CCM mailbox.
  2. The email address you are using to log in.
  3. Date and time of the log in attempt, as found in your PC / laptop.
  4. Your browser information (e.g. Tools | About Internet Explorer).


This information will allow the Mimecast Support team to analyze the logs at the correct point in time.

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