Getting Started with Cloud Archive for Lync IM

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The Cloud Archive for Lync IM feature is configured in the Administration Console and additionally requires the Mimecast Synchronization Engine. This guide covers the high level steps required to implement this feature.


Before you begin


The Cloud Archive for Lync IM fetaure uses the the Microsoft Lync archive database to extract Lync conversations and submit them to the Mimecast archive. Before getting started please ensure that your organization is successfully archiving from your Lync environment to a SQL database.


For help with this feature please consult the Microsoft documentation.


Install the Mimecast Synchronization Engine


  1. Ensure that your environment meets the requirements for the Mimecast Synchronization.
  2. Download the Mimecast Synchronization Engine for the Application Downloads page.
  3. Install the application on a server in your environment.


Prepare your Microsoft Mailbox


  • The Mimecast Synchronization Engine uses a single mailbox with elevated permissions to access the Lync archive SQL database.
  • This is referred to as the Microsoft Mailbox.
  • The Microsoft Mailbox requires read and write access the SQL database.


Configure and bind your Mimecast Synchronization Engine site


When configuring your installation you need to:


  • Add your Microsoft Mailbox.
  • Optionally set custom connection settings if you are using a proxy server.
  • Bind your installation to the Mimecast platform, so you can start configuring scheduled tasks.


These tasks are performed using the Mimecast Site Configure utility on your Synchronization Engine server.


Create a Cloud Archive for Lync IM Task


The Cloud Archive for Lync IM Task is required to trigger the archiving process and is configured in the Services | Cloud Archive for Lync IM page of the Administration Console. Learn how to configure this in the Managing Cloud Archive for Lync IM Tasks guide.