Secure Messaging / Secure Messaging - Lite Differences

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Secure Messaging and Secure Messaging-Lite are both services that allow users to send confidential messages that can only be accessed via the Mimecast Secure Messaging Portal. This ensures that only the intended recipients can access the information.


Secure Messaging - Lite is a restricted version of the Secure Messaging Product that was provided as a replacement for the Closed Circuit Messaging product. Secure Messaging - Lite is not available to new customers.


Secure Messaging - Lite Versus Secure Messaging Functionality


The following table describes the features and changes available with the Secure Messaging - Lite product compared to Secure Messaging.


FeatureSecure Messaging - LiteSecure Messaging
Mimecast for Outlook supportYesYes
Mimecast Personal Portal supportYesYes
Mimecast Mobile Apps SupportNoYes
Mimecast Mac App SupportNoYes
Secure Message Portal - Mobile AccessYesYes
Secure Message Portal - ResponseReply and Reply to allNo Reply allowed, Reply, Reply to all , Compose, Print email body
Secure Message Portal - BrandingYes (Optional package)Yes (Optional package)
Configure Message DefinitionsNoYes
Recipient Mark Messages as Read and Delete MessagesYesYes
Sender Request Read ReceiptNoYes
Message ExpiryNo (account retention period)Yes and user can extend
Message RecallNoYes
Attach Files to RepliesNoYes


Key Secure Messaging Functionality


Secure Messaging offers the following additional messaging features:

  • Recall Messages. If a message is sent in error to the wrong recipient, the sender can recall the message at anytime, preventing the recipient from reading it.
  • Expire Messages. The sender has the option to set the period of time that the secure message can accessed by the recipient. After that time the message cannot be read. The sender can also expire or extend the expiry date at any time. 
  • Compose Messages. The Secure Messaging Portal allows users to compose secure messages to anyone in the customer's organization.
  • Read Receipt. The sender can request to receive a notification when the recipient reads the secure message. 
  • Control Replies. The sender can select if the recipient can reply to the message, and if they can only reply to the sender or reply all. 
  • Custom Definitions. Secure Messaging definitions can be created with the required attributes through the Mimecast Administration Console.


Secure Messaging Definitions


Secure Messaging supports the ability to create customized definitions in the Administration Console, that can be used by users and policies. The definitions can be configured to include the following settings:

  • Allow Recipients to Reply
  • Allow Recipients to Reply All
  • Allow Recipients to Print
  • Set the period for the expiry of the Secure Messages
  • Send read receipt when recipient reads message


Secure Messaging only supports the External Routing method. This means secure messages sent to internal recipients will be sent to the recipients Inbox, and external recipients will be sent to the Secure Messaging Portal.


Secure Messaging - Lite only supports the default Secure Messaging definitions. The full Secure Messaging product allows Administrator users to create customized versions. The default definitions available for Secure Messaging - Lite are:

  • All Recipients: Secure Messages sent to internal and external recipients will be sent via the Secure Messaging Portal. Messages sent via the Mimecast for Outlook plugin to internal users will be sent to the recipients Inbox.
  • External Recipients: Secure Messages sent to internal recipients will be sent to the recipients Inbox, and external recipients will be sent to the Secure Messaging Portal.


Secure Messaging Portal


The portals for both Secure Messaging and Secure Messaging - Lite are the same, with the exception that Secure Messaging allows the user to compose new secure messages to any internal user.


Mimecast for Outlook


The user is able to mark an email as a Secure Message from the Mimecast For Outlook plugin. The plugin will exhibit the same look and feel as was provided for CCM. It only provides the facility to send secure messages using the "External" definition (see above). 


With Secure Messaging, the user is able to select a secure message from the sent items folder and select recall of the message, expire the message, or extend the message's availability. This is not available with Secure Messaging - Lite.


Other Clients


Secure Messaging – Lite is not supported on the following clients:

  • Mimecast Mobile
  • Mimecast for Mac
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